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Why Corrosion, Why Adrian Shimi?

Pipelines play an extremely important role throughout the world as a means of transporting gases and liquids over long distances from their sources to the ultimate consumers. In fact, oil, gas and water transmission and distribution pipelines are considered an essential part of the infrastructures worldwide and due to demand and population growth, construction activity has undergone

unprecedented increases in the last few years. Thus, protecting such valuable assets against corrosion, present a technical challenge. Why? Because iron and steel pipes are commonly used, which can be subject to both internal and external corrosion – if unprotected. That’s why the quality of a suitable corrosion protective coating system is an important criterion of the life expectancy of pipeline and its secure operation.

From Design to Development

At Adrian Shimi Arvand company, we do not simply sell products: we provide better solutions – identifying, addressing and responding to the specific needs of each client. In fact, we are a partner who works alongside clients from the start of the project, maximizing value for money through technical expertise and an extensive portfolio of quality products.

Features of Our Products

Meet All The Requirements

Meet All The Requirements

Adrian Shimi Arvand anti-corrosion products are at the vanguard on the Iranian market and meet all the requirement of all customers. Our products have been accepted and recognized after having passed the strictest standards of the control institutes. Why? Because all of our products have been developed for long term corrosion protection of underground pipelines and thanks to their flexibility, they are continuously adaptable to the different ground conditions, even in the most severe environments.

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Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

It is worth mentioning that our products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, can be applied in all environmental working temperatures (up to 110°C) and meet both internal and international standards. The impervious nature of these materials creates a seamless, leak-proof barrier.  In fact, they provide the highest surface adhesion and won’t separate from the pipe surface in high soil stress installations. The layers of the tapes fuse together, due to the 2-ply structure, to create a protective hose and Immediately after application ...

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Standard Manufacturing

Standard Manufacturing

•  Easy to use
•  Cold applied
•  Technical support
•  Just-in-Time delivery
•  First quality raw materials
•  Excellent adhesion to pipe
•  Resistant to soil stress
•  Meets international standard
•  Need minimal surface preparation
•  Proven long term performance
•  Conformable to irregular shapes

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Excellent Sustainability

At Adrian Shimi Arvand, Environmental protection is an essential factor for us. Adrian Shimi Arvand products, are better also because we design and develop them with an eye on quality of life and on preserving the environment and our communities for future generations. These same principles of respect and integrity are mirrored within our organizational structure.