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Adrian Shimi Arvand is the leading company that manufactures anti-corrosion materials for oil, gas & water pipelines; products which meet the high demands for in-land pipelines. Our products are formed by the best combination between primer, anti-corrosion coating tapes (inner) and mechanical coating (outers); The polymeric composition of the tapes that make up the system, along its cold application, ensure environment-friendly products, aside from their better quality, and compared to systems based on bituminous adhesive.

Based on auto adhesive PE tapes that provide a resistant, lasting and unalterable protection, our coating systems can be applied on to any pipes with any diameters, whatever the fluid (water, gas, oil, etc.) passing through which would be.

Providing a highly added value to the installation, because it avoids costly repairs, the aim of this tapes is to reduce the effects of corrosion and the natural deterioration of metallic pipes in buried pipes, achieving an interface between the pipe and its surroundings, thus protecting it. That’s why Adrian Shimi Arvand anti corrosion products are satisfactorily used by the most important oil, gas and water companies, both for the coating of new pipelines, as well as re-vamping of the existing pipes during in service maintenance. Our powerful production technology, highly qualified employees and good experience are the basis for our ongoing product development and pioneering solutions.

Founded in 2011, Adrian Shimi Arvand has built a reputation on experience, quality and reliability in corrosion prevention and innovative sealing technology. To develop our activities and secure a long term company success, we permanently react to customers’ requirements with innovative products and solutions.

Approved by ISO 9001, our efficient, cost-effective products consistently offer excellent adhesion and strong resistance and operate under a wide range of temperatures. However, our products are impermeable to water and oxygen, and are compatible with coal tar, fusion bond epoxy, asphalt, and other pipeline coatings. They have sufficient adhesion and strength to resist soil stress, under-film penetration of moisture, environmental stress cracking, and mechanical damage during installation.

All of Adrian Shimi Arvand products have been designed based on the good experience and the information received from the designers and the end users, aimed to obtain products which contain all the technical characteristics necessary to ensure a homogeneous and high quality coating in all the environmental and climatic conditions, in accordance with the strictest international standards. They can also withstand harsh chemicals to extend the life of your equipment – and help to ensure a more reliable operation. These proven products have enabled customers to avoid or minimize costly and dangerous shutdowns, thereby saving risk, time, and money!