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Why Corrosion, Why Adrian Shimi?

Pipelines play an extremely important role throughout the world as a means of transporting gases and liquids over long distances from their sources to the ultimate consumers. In fact, oil, gas and water transmission and distribution pipelines are considered an essential part of the worldwide infrastructures and due to demand and population growth, construction activity has undergone unprecedented increases in the last few years. Thus, protecting such valuable assets against corrosion, presents a technical challenge. Why? Because iron and steel pipes are commonly used, and can be exposed to both internal and external corrosion – if unprotected. That is why the quality of a suitable corrosion protective coating system is an important criterion of the life of pipeline and its secure operation.

However, corrosion is the biggest enemy of metals and is irreversible. It comes about when metal reacts with oxygen and moisture under the influence of the temperature. If it is under an insulation layer, it is difficult to detect and counteract. This ‘corrosion under insulation’ (CUI) poses a serious threat to the stability of the metal. It is not until a critical stage has been reached that it becomes visible on the surface. Rust is the most common result and refers to the corrosion of iron and its alloys, such as steel. Over time, with the presence of oxygen and water, tough iron structures will completely disintegrate. As the metal surface is stripped away and turns to rust, new metal is exposed; the cycle repeats continuing to leave layers of nothing but flakes.

There are two aspects regarding corrosion – prevention and repair. While prevention going forward, repair is the most pressing issue. Our products work as a protective barrier that blocks these damaging environments (like water, rain, moisture, microorganisms, abrasion, erosion, stress, pressure, electrolysis, electrical Imbalance and …) so corrosion does not have the chance to start.