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Features of Our Products

Most Important Features of Our Products

Adrian Shimi Arvand anti-corrosion products are at the vanguard on the Iranian market and meet all the requirement of all customers. Our products have been accepted and recognized after having passed the strictest standards of the control institutes. Why? Because all of our products have been developed for long term corrosion protection of underground pipelines and thanks to their flexibility, they are continuously adaptable to the different ground conditions, even in the most severe environments.

It is worth mentioning that our products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, can be applied in all environmental working temperatures (up to 110°C) and meet both internal and international standards. The impervious nature of these materials creates a seamless, leak-proof barrier. In fact, they provide the highest surface adhesion and won’t separate from the pipe surface in high soil stress installations. The layers of the tapes fuse together, due to the 2-ply structure, to create a protective hose and Immediately after application, the pipeline can be operated at full load. By the other words, all products are designed to quickly and safely repair pipelines, most without shutdown; all to keep downtime to a minimum.


Adrian Shimi Arvand anti-corrosion protection systems are

  • Easy to use

  • Cold applied

  • Technical support

  • Just-in-Time delivery

  • First quality raw materials

  • Excellent adhesion to pipe

  • Resistant to soil stress

  • Meets international standard

  • Need minimal surface preparation

  • Proven long term performance

  • Conformable to irregular shapes

  • Prevent gaps in tape application

  • requires minimal operator training

  • Impermeable to oxygen and moisture

  • ISO approved manufacturing protocol

  • Standard manufacturing methodologies

  • Compatible with common pipe coatings

  • Can be applied over a wide temperature range

  • Can be used globally, in variety of environments.

  • Wrap can be repositioned after it is placed on the pipe

  • Good conform ability and consistent uniform thickness

  • Compatible with traditional and current corrosion coatings

  • Technology R&D programs for new products and new processes

  • State of the art quality control assurance procedures and protocol

  • Can be immediately backfilled, adding up to major savings in crew time.

  • Tailor made products to specific application on demand by the end-user

  • No need to wait until the temperature is warm enough or dry enough. The crew is always working.

  • Our products require only the minimum overlap for standard service conditions, creating a more cost-effective application when compared to other systems.