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About The Factory

When considering anti-corrosion products, it is important to understand the unique features and capabilities of Adrian Shimi Arvand factory, with the capacity of producing 3000 tons of products, per year.

Focusing on innovation and striving for continues improvement, Adrian Shimi employs leading edge technologies and production methods within its establishment and throughout its entire manufacturing process. The factory has 2500 square meter of office, lab space and production line. The factory has all of the standard fabrication and machine tools plus special equipment’s required to completely manufacture standard & special anti-corrosion products. At the same time, factory trained technicians are available to assist you with difficult installations or with measurements for special designs.

Adrian Shimi Arvand factory technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with solutions and technical assistance. When we place the order, it is our practice to follow the order which start from raw material.

Our team takes the best raw material properties and combines them to create new, intelligent materials, guaranteeing consistently outstanding quality and a high degree of development expertise. This approach enables us to increase the effectiveness of our products sustainably and secure significant competitive advantages for our customers. This enables us to ensure that our customers only receive high-performance products that fully satisfy the requirements of their demanding applications. Our quality and service values are evident in everything we do.